Privacy Policy

We’re committed to providing you with the best information and inspiration to help you travel responsibly. We’re also committed to respecting your privacy and looking after your data.

This privacy policy explains what information we need from you, how and why we use it and the choices you have over the information you give us.


When you make an enquiry through our website we’ll send you an email with the details of your enquiry and contact details of the holiday companies that can take your enquiry further. If you make an enquiry through our websites we may look at these for you to see if we can help you further and put you in contact with other operators who we think can offer you the trip you are looking to do to give you more choice and a better chance of finding what you are looking for.

We’ll then send you emails that contain other ideas for your trip, along with news and articles. We try to make these emails as relevant and interesting as possible, and include personalised holiday ideas for you.

How to unsubscribe or change email preferences

You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time by either clicking on the unsubscribe links at the top and bottom of our emails.


You don’t need to give us any personal information in order to browse Africa Trip Report. And we promise we never sell or lease your personal information to anyone else.

What information do we have?

Unless you request any information or leave your phone number, the only contact information we keep on our database are names and email addresses. If you decide to make an enquiry, we pass this on to the holiday company who runs the trip you’re enquiring about. We might also ask for your phone number as this may help speed up the booking process for you.

We also remember your previous enquiries and bookings and try to remember your preferences. This means we can recommend more relevant experiences for you next time you choose to use Africa Trip Report. Because you don’t make any bookings directly with Africa Trip Report we don’t have access to any of your payment or passport information.

So to clarify, the only personal contact information we hold about you is your name and email address, plus we remember some details of your past enquiries and bookings. This information is held on a secure server and our firewalls are regularly updated and can only be accessed by Africa Trip Report staff or our IT supplier.

Sharing information with our partners

If you ask for information from one of our tour operator or accommodation owner partners, either by making an enquiry on our site or by contacting our helpdesk, we’ll pass on your contact details to them so that they can reply to your enquiry.

Sometimes we’ll also pass this information on to other partners who offer similar trips, so you have more options. We carefully select our partners and only share with them what they need to do their work, but we can’t be held responsible for their privacy practices.

How to request or update your information

If you’d like to update any of your information or check what information we have on our database, please email


Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Nearly all sites on the internet use cookies. We use cookies to tell us how and when you use our websites. This helps us understand what people like and dislike on our sites so that we can improve our services. Cookies can also help us to show you information more relevant to your needs.

Third-party cookies

We provide data to advertisers, our partners and other third parties, but this is always aggregated or anonymised.

There are also some cookies that come from other companies. These “third-party cookies” might track how you use different websites, including ours. For example, you might get a social media company’s cookie when you share something from our site on Facebook or Twitter. You can turn them off, but only through the third party.

Cookies and advertising

You might see targeted holiday ideas relevant to you while you are on other websites, such as social media platforms or Google. This is another way that cookies collected while browsing our sites can work. You can opt out of seeing these adverts by changing the settings within your social media or search engine provider accounts.

You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page. You can also opt out of allowing a third-party vendor to use your cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt out page.

Cookies and emails

As well as using this technology to improve the site, we might also use cookies to send you relevant follow-up emails. These cookies remember what you’ve viewed on our sites and suggest other holidays you might like.

You can opt out of these follow up emails by clicking on the preferences or unsubscribe link in the email. If you opt out of this type of email you won’t get any follow-up emails when browsing our websites. You will still get emails about enquiries or bookings you made through our sites.


We hope this helps reassure you that we keep the minimum amount of your data on file and that it is stored safely and shared responsibly. We are committed to using your data carefully, to only sending you relevant communications and to respecting your privacy.