The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation in Dakar

Dakar is an amazing city with so much to offer – from its bustling markets to its gorgeous beaches and historic landmarks. But, if you’re planning a trip to Dakar, finding the right accommodation can be a real headache! There are so many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to know where to find the best accommodation in Dakar.

best accommodation in senegal

That’s where we come in! We’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip to Dakar. We’ll give you all the details you need to choose, research, and book the best accommodation for your needs. And, of course, we’ll cover important safety considerations too. So, by the end of this guide, you’ll be all set to find the perfect accommodation and have an unforgettable trip to Dakar!

IMPORTANT TIP: The location, facilities, and time of year all affect the average cost of a hotel stay in Dakar. Budget accommodations typically cost between $30 and $80 USD per night, midrange accommodations cost between $80 and $200 USD per night, while luxurious accommodations cost between $200 and $500 USD per night.

Where To Stay In Dakar? Finding The Best Accommodation In Dakar

The best area to stay in Dakar largely depends on your preferences and the purpose of your trip, and also your budget. But here are my favorite areas which you should consider:

  • Plateau: I adore this area! It is the city’s primary commercial district, which implies that embassies, financial institutions, and government offices are concentrated here. Business travelers that need to be close to the city core will find it to be in a convenient location because of this. Plateau is a great place for those who want to learn about the city’s rich history and culture because it also has a number of historical sites, such as the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly, and the Dakar Cathedral. Also, it is simple to travel around because the region is well connected to the rest of the city by public transit, such as buses and taxis. Finally, Plateau is a busy and lively neighborhood because to the abundance of restaurants, bars, and shops.
  • Almadies: Is a great area to stay while visiting Dakar because of it´s stunning and picturesque setting, with beautiful beaches and ocean views. Almadies is also a high-end neighborhood with many luxury hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, making it a great location for tourists who want to experience the city’s upscale lifestyle. In addition, is home to several cultural attractions, such as the African Renaissance Monument and the Almadies Lighthouse.
  • Medina: The area is known for its markets and street food, and it is lively and busy. This makes it the perfect destination for travelers who wish to sample Dakar’s native culture and cuisine. Is also the location of various historical sites, including the Presidential Palace and the Mosque of the Divine. Another benefit of vacationing in Medina is that it is more reasonably priced than other parts of Dakar, making it a wonderful choice for those on a tight budget.
downtown dakar
Downtown Dakar

Best Budget Options

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality when finding the best accommodation in Dakar. There are plenty of budget-friendly options available that offer clean and comfortable rooms at an affordable prices. Here are some of the best budget options for accommodation in Dakar:

  • Hotel Clair de Lune: This hotel offers plain, spotless, and cheerful rooms at a fair price and is located in the busy Yoff district. The hotel is only a short stroll from the beach, where you can go surfing or simply relax in the sun. Views of the surrounds and the ocean may be seen from the hotel’s rooftop patio. Prices start at $47 USD/night.
  • Villa soleil du Sénégal: Only a short stroll from the beach, this inexpensive hotel is situated in the quiet Yoff district. Air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom are included in each of the roomy, tastefully decorated accommodations at Villa Soleil du Sénégal. Prices start at $34 USD/night.

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Best Mid-Range Options

There are numerous excellent mid-range options accessible in Dakar if you’re seeking for a convenient and comfortable stay without paying a fortune. The top mid-range lodging choices in Dakar are highlighted in the list below:

  • La Résidence: The hotel is situated close to several of the city’s most popular sights, including the African Renaissance Monument and the Dakar Grand Mosque, in the peaceful Fann Mermoz district. The hotel’s lovely terrace and outdoor pool area are among the delights of staying at La Résidence. Prices start at $144 USD/night.
  • Union Amicale Corse Dakar: One of the best accommodation in Dakar. The rooms are cozy and individually decorated with a rustic charm, each featuring air conditioning, a private bathroom, and free Wi-Fi. One of the highlights of staying at Union Amicale Corse Dakar is the hotel’s beautiful courtyard, which is filled with lush greenery and features a swimming pool. Prices start at $129 USD/night.

Best Luxury Options

You’re in luck if you want to make your trip to Dakar a little more opulent! Many opulent lodging options are available in this energetic city that provide a high-end experience to make your stay unforgettable.

  • Radisson Hotel Dakar Diamniadio: Because to its convenient location, opulent amenities, and dedication to sustainability, this gorgeous hotel is the ideal choice for both business and vacation guests, and one of the best accommodation in Dakar. The African Renaissance Monument, Lake Retba, and Goree Island are just a short distance from this hotel, which is situated in the developing Diamniadio commercial zone. Prices start in $325 USD/night.
  • BOMA LifeStyle Hotel: This hotel’s lovely design, which was influenced by traditional architecture, provides guests with a really authentic Senegalese experience. Every area of the hotel is a work of art thanks to the elaborate wooden carvings and vibrant mosaic tiles; you’ll feel as though you’ve entered a new dimension. The hotel has a rooftop bar and restaurant where guests may savor delectable fare and beverages while admiring the cityscape. Prices start at $240 USD/night.

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Bottom Line

Dakar is a vibrant and fascinating city that offers a wide range of hotel options to satisfy the needs of any traveler. The city’s different neighborhoods offer a wide variety of possibilities; from the ancient Plateau district to the beachfront Almadies neighborhood, each has its own distinctive charm and attractions. But how do you pick the best accommodation in Dakar?

No matter where you choose to stay in Dakar, you’re certain to have an unforgettable experience getting to know this dynamic city. So begin making your plans to Dakar immediately and explore everything that this incredible city has to offer!

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