15 Best Places To Visit In Egypt With Family

Alright, grab your backpacks and sunglasses, folks! We’re talking about Egypt, and let me tell you, it’s not just for history nerds and adventure junkies. It’s a place where the whole family can get in on the action! Imagine standing in front of the pyramids, feeling like a tiny ant next to these massive ancient wonders. Or picture yourself snorkeling in the Red Sea, where the fish look like they’ve been colored in with neon markers!

You get the best of both worlds in Egypt. Imagine modern cities with skyscrapers and malls, and just a short drive away, you’re stepping back in time with epic ancient temples and tombs. Trust me, one visit and you’ll be hooked! Whether you’re the family that likes to explore, relax on the beach, or both, Egypt’s got something for you. So, gather up the fam and keep reading, because here are the 15 Best Places To Visit In Egypt With Family that you won’t want to miss!

1. The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

It’s the oldest and tallest of the three pyramids there. Picture a building so tall, it’s like stacking 30 giraffes on top of each other! Plus, it’s the last one standing of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. How cool is that?

This massive stone tower was built for a king—literally! Pharaoh Khufu got this beauty built, and it took around 20 years. You can actually go inside it and check out where the pharaoh was supposed to chill in the afterlife. But let me tell you, the inside isn’t like a hotel with elevators and all. The passages are more like narrow, slanted tunnels, so you gotta be ready for a mini-adventure.

And don’t forget its neighbor, the Great Sphinx of Giza! This guy has the body of a lion and the head of a human. Imagine a school mascot but, you know, way older and bigger. It was probably built for Pharaoh Khafre, another big name from way back when.

If this sounds like a family outing you want to do, think about getting a guided tour. Trust me, the guides know all the cool facts and best selfie spots. Tours can cost anywhere from 200 to 400 Egyptian pounds per person—that’s around 13 to 25 bucks in U.S. dollars. Oh, and don’t forget, Egypt is sunny and sandy, so pack hats, sunscreen, and comfy shoes that can handle some dust.

So yeah, a day hanging around the pyramids and the Sphinx will totally make your family trip to Egypt something you’ll be talking about for years.

2. Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

Okay, so you’ve done the pyramids and Sphinx and think you’ve seen it all? Nope! The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is like the ultimate treasure chest. We’re talking mummies wrapped up like the coolest Halloween costumes, shiny jewels that would make a pirate’s mouth water, statues that look like they’re straight out of a movie, and tons of other things they found in ancient tombs.

Imagine a place so packed with cool stuff, it’s got more than 120,000 items you can see. Oh, and let’s not forget King Tutankhamun’s golden mask! It’s the bling to end all bling—seriously, it looks like it’s made out of pure sunshine or something.

But hey, if you’re bringing little siblings or cousins along, there’s a special corner just for them. The Children’s Museum inside the big museum is like a playground for the brain. Kids can touch stuff, play with interactive exhibits, and basically learn about ancient Egypt in the most fun way possible. It’s like a history lesson, only way cooler.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any hidden gems, it’s a good idea to book a guided tour. Trust me, it’s like having a cheat sheet for a test. The tour guides spill all the secrets and fun facts you wouldn’t know otherwise. The cost isn’t too bad, either—around 240 Egyptian pounds, which is about 15 American dollars per person for a basic tour.

So whether you’re into history, love shiny things, or just want to see a real-life mummy, the Egyptian Museum is a must-see spot for families.

3. Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili

Alright, if you’re the kinda person who loves the hustle and bustle of markets, you’re in for a treat! Right in the middle of Old Cairo, there’s this super old bazaar called Khan El-Khalili. Seriously, this place has been around since the 1300s—that’s even before your great-great-great (and so on) grandparents were born!

Imagine rows and rows of little shops all squished together like a maze. You can find everything from soft, colorful textiles that feel like clouds, to spices that smell like your grandma’s kitchen on a holiday. If you’re into shiny stuff, there’s jewelry too. And little trinkets that would make awesome keepsakes or gifts for friends back home.

Here’s the fun part: You get to haggle! That’s right. The price tags are more like suggestions, and the shopkeepers expect you to play a bit of “Let’s Make a Deal.” They’re super friendly, though, so don’t be shy!

But wait, there’s more! If you’re a foodie, prepare to fall in love. This bazaar isn’t just about shopping; it’s a full-on feast for your taste buds. Try falafel that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, or dig into a bowl of koshari, which is like the ultimate comfort food. And you gotta try shawarma, which is like the superhero of sandwiches. When you need a break, chill at one of the cozy cafes with some tea or coffee.

The vibe is just awesome—street performers do their thing, musicians play tunes that make you wanna dance, and everyone’s just having a good time. Oh, and the best part? No entry fee! You just need to bring your bargaining A-game for the shops.

So if you wanna soak up some real-deal Egyptian culture with your fam, Khan El-Khalili is the place to be. It’s like stepping into a totally different world that’s both ancient and buzzing with life!

4. Giza Zoo

cairo zoo

Alright, families looking for a day of fun and learning in Egypt, listen up! If you’ve got animal lovers in the house, or if you just want a break from the historical sites, Giza Zoo is the place to be. This isn’t just your average zoo—it’s massive! We’re talking over 80 acres of land filled with all sorts of amazing creatures from around the world. Like, more than 4,000 animals! Imagine seeing lions roaring, giraffes munching on trees, and playful monkeys swinging around—all in one day.

And for the kiddos, there’s even more cool stuff to do. Ever dreamt of riding a pony? Well, you can here! Plus, there’s a special part of the zoo just for kids where they can get up close with some of the animals and even feed them. So if your little brother or sister has ever wanted to pet a goat, now’s their chance!

Now, when all that walking and exploring gets you tired, no worries. The zoo has these beautiful gardens and picnic spots where you can just chill with your fam. Imagine having a picnic lunch while watching some zebras in the distance. How cool is that?

For the practical stuff: the zoo’s open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Tickets are super affordable—only 100 EGP for grown-ups and half that for kids (that’s like 6 bucks and 3 bucks in US money). If you can, try to go on a weekday morning. It gets kinda packed during weekends and holidays, and trust me, you’ll want to avoid those long lines.

5. Dahab


Hey families, are you in the mood for a beach vacation but want something a bit more exciting? Then you’ve got to check out Dahab. Trust me, this place is like a playground for both kids and adults. Imagine crystal-clear water, soft sandy beaches, and just the right amount of sun—yep, it’s the ultimate beach day every day!

But what’s super awesome about Dahab is it’s not just a “lay on the beach and do nothing” kinda place. I mean, you can do that if you want, but there’s so much more. Are you into scuba diving or snorkeling? Dahab is a hotspot for that! There are dive sites that welcome everyone, from complete newbies to pro divers. You’ll see the coolest fish and maybe even a sea turtle if you’re lucky!

And for those who prefer to stay dry (or at least partially dry), don’t worry, Dahab’s got you covered too. How about a hiking adventure through the scenic trails? Or maybe you fancy riding a camel like a desert explorer? Oh, and for the thrill-seekers, there’s even kiteboarding. Best part? Most of these activities won’t break the bank, so you won’t have to hear Mom or Dad say, “It’s too expensive!”

When it comes to crashing for the night, Dahab offers plenty of options that are perfect for families. Hotels, apartments, and even villas—take your pick!

6. Philae Temple

Philae Temple

Families, if you’re looking to take a step back in time and dive deep into the world of ancient Egypt, you’ve got to visit the Philae Temple. Trust me, this place is like something out of an adventure movie! Not only is it one of the best-preserved pieces of ancient Egyptian architecture, but its location on an island in the Nile makes it extra special.

Can you imagine visiting a temple dedicated to an Egyptian goddess? That’s what you get at Philae Temple! It’s all about the goddess Isis. As you wander around, you’ll find yourself in different rooms like the sanctuary and the entrance hall. And the best part? The walls are covered in these super intricate carvings and mysterious hieroglyphs – it’s like an ancient comic book waiting to be deciphered!

Now, the island itself? It’s pure magic. Surrounded by the Nile’s calm waters and with lush greenery everywhere, it’s a perfect spot for a family picnic or just a peaceful walk. And here’s a pro tip: if you’re up for some nighttime fun, stick around for their light and sound show. Imagine the temple lit up, stories echoing, and a magical atmosphere all around.

Pricing’s pretty sweet too. Grown-ups have to pay around $13, while kids get a half-price deal at just $6.

7. Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

You can’t miss Karnak Temple. Picture this: a temple complex so enormous it’s like a city within a city, just a stone’s throw away from Luxor. We’re talking a whopping 100 hectares of awesomeness!

Want to feel tiny? Stand next to one of the 134 ginormous columns in the Great Hypostyle Hall. Each one is 70 feet tall—that’s taller than a six-story building! Besides that hall, you’ve got chapels, sanctuaries, and even obelisks. It’s like stepping into a history book, but way cooler because you’re actually there, touching and seeing things that are thousands of years old.

If your family still has some energy left, there’s even more to do around Luxor. Check out the Valley of the Kings or the Luxor Museum for more mind-blowing history. But if you’re like, “I’ve walked enough, thank you very much,” here’s something different. How about hopping into a hot air balloon? Yeah, you heard me. Floating over the city gives you a view like no other—like Google Earth but in real life!

8. Nubian Village

Nubian Village

If you’re all about soaking in different cultures and ticking off “firsts” on your travel list, you’ve got to add Nubian Village to your Egypt itinerary. Picture this: colorful houses, like something out of a movie, all lined up along the majestic Nile River. This village is like a living, breathing museum of Nubian culture, one of Africa’s oldest civilizations.

Feel like dancing? You can join in on Nubian music and dance performances. It’s not just watching; it’s like a family dance-off, but Nubian style! And trust me, you’ll want to explore every little nook and cranny. The village lanes are like a treasure hunt, and the markets? Oh man, talk about a shopping spree but with stuff you can’t find anywhere else!

But what if you’re the ‘stop and smell the roses’ type? Don’t worry; Nubian Village has got you covered. Imagine the serenity of sailing through the Aswan Botanical Garden or just cruising along the Nile. Yep, we’re talking real peace and quiet, except maybe for the “oohs” and “aahs” you’ll be hearing from everyone.

9. Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower

If you’re in Cairo and looking for a cool place to check out the city like you’re on top of the world, then Cairo Tower is where it’s at! Picture being way up high, like 187 meters in the sky. Yeah, it’s pretty tall! From there, you get to see EVERYTHING! We’re talking the winding Nile River, the epic Pyramids of Giza, and the city’s super modern buildings, all in one panoramic view. Trust me, your Instagram will thank you.

Now, get this. The tower has a restaurant that rotates—yeah, you heard me, it spins around slowly so you can see the city from every angle while munching on some tasty food. Imagine sipping on a soda and watching Cairo move beneath you. How cool is that?

Built way back in 1961, this tower isn’t just a tall building; it’s like a symbol of Cairo. When you get to the top, there’s also an observation deck. But this isn’t just any deck; it’s got all these awesome displays that tell you more about Cairo’s history and culture. So, it’s not just eye-candy; it’s brain-candy too!

10. Felucca Ride on the Nile

Felucca Ride on the Nile

If you want to do something in Egypt that’s both chill and unforgettable, then you’ve got to take a Felucca ride on the Nile. Imagine sailing on this old-school wooden boat that’s been used by Egyptians for hundreds of years. Cool, right? It’s like stepping back in time while floating on the water.

Now, here’s the scene: You’re on the Nile, feeling the gentle breeze, watching Cairo’s cityscape, the golden desert, and all the historical landmarks as you pass by. It’s so peaceful, and the view? Simply breathtaking.

A Felucca Ride on the Nile usually is inexpensive, costing an average of 200–300 EGP (about $12–18) per person. However, the price varies based on the length of the ride and the number of persons in your company.

11. Citadel of Salah El-Din

Citadel of Salah El-Din

If you want to learn more about Egypt’s rich history and culture, you should take your family to the Citadel of Salah El-Din. Salah El-Din, a Muslim leader who resisted the Crusaders, constructed the enormous stronghold known as The Citadel in the 12th century. The Citadel is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a well-liked tourist attraction for people interested in Egypt’s heritage. Mosques, museums, and even a prison are among the several buildings and structures that guests can explore inside the Citadel.

The breathtaking view of Cairo from the top of the Citadel is one of the attractions of a trip to the Citadel. The panoramic view of Cairo’s skyline from the Citadel, perched on a hill above the city, is breathtaking. Visitors can also examine the numerous displays and artifacts at the museums at the Citadel, which highlight Egyptian history and culture. The entrance cost to the Citadel is extremely inexpensive; adults must pay 100 EGP (about $6), and minors must pay 50 EGP (about $3).

12. Luxor Temple 

Luxor Temple

Picture this: you’re stepping into a place built way back in the 14th century BCE. Yep, that’s right, we’re talking over 3,000 years ago! 🕰️✨

Now, imagine walking down the Avenue of Sphinxes, feeling like royalty as you make your way to the entrance. And once you’re in? Boom! The massive Obelisk of Ramses II greets you, standing tall in the temple courtyard. As you wander around, every nook and corner of the temple tells a story. You’ll see awe-inspiring statues, intricate carvings, and ancient hieroglyphs that might make you wonder if you’ve got a future as an archaeologist. 🏺🔍

But here’s the cool part: the Luxor Temple isn’t just about one era. It’s like a time machine! Started by Amenhotep III, other legendary names like Tutankhamun, Ramses II, and even Alexander the Great added their touches. And guess what? It even became a church during Roman times. It’s like history’s greatest hits, all in one spot!

So, whether you’re a history buff or just want to see something really, really old, Luxor Temple is the spot. And with a ticket price of just around $10 for grown-ups and half that for kids, it’s a trip to the past that won’t break the bank. Ready for some time traveling? Luxor Temple awaits!

13. Valley Of The Kings

Valley Of The Kings

If you’ve got a fascination with ancient history and hidden treasures, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor is your ultimate playground.

Imagine this: a sprawling valley tucked away on the western bank of the Nile River, home to the final resting places of some of ancient Egypt’s most legendary pharaohs. Yep, you’ll find tombs for Ramses III, Seti I, and even the young sensation, Tutankhamun.

But wait, there’s more! These aren’t just any regular tombs; these are like art galleries beneath the earth. As you wander through, you’ll discover walls adorned with vibrant paintings, intricate hieroglyphs, and captivating ornamentation that bring ancient Egyptian myths and beliefs to life. Want to know what life was like thousands of years ago, or how the ancient Egyptians thought about the afterlife? The tombs serve as colorful textbooks, offering an insider’s look into a lost world.

14. Abu Simbel

abu simbel

Picture this: colossal stone temples carved directly into the side of a mountain, with statues of Pharaoh Ramesses II towering at 20 meters high. Yep, you heard right—this place is the epitome of “go big or go home.” But the grandeur isn’t just skin-deep; step inside, and you’re greeted with intricate hieroglyphs and stunning wall paintings that offer a captivating glimpse into Egypt’s ancient myths and royal narratives.

Here’s a fun fact: Abu Simbel was almost lost forever under the rising waters of Lake Nasser. But thanks to a heroic international effort in the 1960s, the entire temple complex was relocated to higher ground. So not only is this site an ancient marvel, but it’s also a modern engineering miracle!

Early birds get the best experience! Trust us, you’ll want to beat both the heat and the crowds by arriving as the sun comes up. And if you want to delve deeper into the temple’s enigmatic past, guided tours are the way to go.

With entrance fees at just around $15 for adults and $7.50 for kids, this architectural wonder is an affordable journey back in time.

15. Sharm El Sheikh 

Sharm El Sheikh 

Calling all beach lovers and underwater explorers! If you’re planning a family vacation and yearn for a combo of relaxation and adventure, Sharm El Sheikh is where it’s at! 🏝️🐠

Located on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, this bustling resort town is a paradise for water enthusiasts. Picture sugar-white beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a backdrop of rugged mountains. Whether you’re a snorkeling newbie or a seasoned scuba diver, the vibrant underwater world is a spectacle you won’t want to miss. 🏊‍♀️🐢

Looking for the best spot to dive in? Head to Ras Mohammed National Park, where you can mingle with colorful marine life—sharks, dolphins, and sea turtles included. Take your snorkel or tank and explore one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs. Even the kids will be enthralled, making it a fantastic family outing! 🦈🌊

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve had your fill of underwater magic, Naama Bay is the place to be. Foodies, rejoice! This bustling hub is brimming with eateries that serve everything from traditional Egyptian delicacies to international cuisine. While parents shop or enjoy a café break, the young ones can roam around and perhaps pick up a souvenir or two.

Bottom Line

From the bustling markets of Khan El-Khalili in Cairo to the serene Felucca rides on the Nile, from the educational experience at the Giza Zoo to the underwater wonders of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is a country that blends the old with the new in the most extraordinary ways. Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure junkie, a food lover, or simply in need of some relaxation, Egypt’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry promise a family vacation you’ll remember for years to come. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to explore the multifaceted gem that is Egypt.

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