The Authentic Nubian Experience: Visiting the Nubian Village in Aswan

You know those super colorful pics on Instagram of the Nubian village in Aswan? Yeah, the ones that make you go, “Is that place even real?” Well, I had the same thought! With all these Nubian villages around Aswan, picking one seemed like finding a needle in a haystack, and I wasn’t in the mood to get stuck in a touristy spot.

But hey, adventure means taking a chance, right? So, I laced up my exploring shoes and dived right in. And guess what? It was SO worth it! 🥳 After checking out all the ancient history stuff (which is epic, by the way), the Nubian village was like a breath of fresh air.

Sure, there were some spots aimed at tourists, but with a little bit of exploring, I found some hidden treasures. Feeling curious? Awesome! Come tag along on my journey through this vibrant village, and let’s uncover its magic together! 🌈🏞️🎉

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What Is A Nubian Village?

You know how Egypt’s got those mega-famous pyramids and pharaoh stuff? Well, there’s more coolness hiding just around the corner! Ever heard of the Nubians? They’ve been around for, like, forever. Seriously, thousands of years!

Now, between us, a lot of travelers zip by without checking out the Nubian Village. Maybe they’re too busy mummy-hunting or something. 🤷 But let me tell ya, it’s like finding a secret level in a video game. If you want a sneak peek into the awesome world of ancient Nubians, this village is the place to be. Trust me, it’s worth the detour! 🛤️🏞️🎮

nubian village

The Nubians are the hidden stars of Egypt. Their art? Mind-blowing. Their music and dances? Makes you wanna join in! 🎨🎵💃

So, if you really wanna get the full Egypt experience, don’t just stop at the pyramids. Dive into the world of the Nubians and see what amazing stuff they’ve got going on.

Nubian History

Ever heard of the Nubians? They’re not just a cool name – they’ve got one of the oldest cultures ever, right near the southern part of the Nile River. Imagine going waaay back in time, even before the big-shot Pharaohs and all their fancy pyramids.

So, imagine a stretch of land between where two parts of the Nile River meet. This spot, it’s like the heart of the Nubian world. And get this: the Nubians were here even before the ancient Egyptians! 🏺🌌

Oh, and speaking of cool stuff, did you know they made some super old pottery and even built something like a super early star-gazing gadget? It’s at this place called Nabta Playa and it’s even older than Stonehenge!

A long time ago, like 6,000 years back, these Nubians were wanderers in Northern Sudan. Then they decided to chill in Southern Egypt, started farming, and pretty much helped kick-start how people lived way back when. How awesome is that? 🌱🌟🐫

nubian village

How To Visit A Nubian Village Independently?

Hey buddy! 🌞 If you’re thinking of checking out the super colorful Nubian village in Aswan, I’ve got a fun tip for you! So, first up, don’t get mixed up because there’s more than one Nubian village around. The one you’re looking for, all full of colors and cool vibes, is called Gharb Soheil. You’ll head south down the Nile to find it.

Now, here’s the cool part: instead of driving there, take a motorboat ride! It’s like a mini-adventure before the main show. You’ll pass ancient sites, lovely gardens, and even spot some birds doing their thing. The views? Totally Insta-worthy! 📸

Looking for a boat? Trust me, as soon as you walk around in Aswan, folks will offer you rides. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try getting your own private motorboat. Bargain a bit, and you’ll snag a good deal! A great spot to find these boats? Near the Citymax Hotel or by the McDonald’s on Kornish Al Nile.

Oh, and by the way, our boat trip? It was about 35 minutes going and 25 minutes coming back. We paid 450 EGP (that’s around $18.25), and that’s for the whole boat, not each person! Plus, the boat was super comfy, had shade, and even a rooftop to chill on. Just a heads up, getting on and off the boat can be a tiny adventure on its own, but there’s always a friendly hand to help you out.

So, strap on your adventure boots (or sandals!), and get ready for a splash of colors and fun at the Nubian village! 🚤🌈🏞️

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How Is It Like To Go To A Nubian Village?

It’s like this colorful, lively place hiding in the southern part of the Nile.

So, picture this: you hop off your boat and climb a few steps, and boom, you’re right in the middle of a bustling market! Camels, vendors, and all kinds of stuff to check out, from cool spices to cute trinkets. And guess what? Even though it might seem a bit busy, it’s actually pretty chill. No pushy salespeople here!

nubian village

Now, the fun part: beyond the market, there’s this whole web of narrow streets just waiting for you to explore. Seriously, it’s like a little maze of charm. The buildings are super cool, and as you stroll, you’ll catch amazing views of the Nile.

After all that exploring, trust me, you’ll need a good snack and a drink. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around, but let me give you a tip: try Kato Dool. It’s got this awesome river view that’ll make your snack taste even better!

What Can I Do At A Nubian Village?

There’s this spot in the village where you can snap a pic with a real-life crocodile. Sounds wild, right? But it’s kept in someone’s home, and some folks feel kinda iffy about it. I’d probably give it a pass if I were you.

Now, don’t let that tiny hiccup throw you off track! The Nubian Village is jam-packed with rad stuff to do. Fancy trying out sandboarding or hopping on a camel? 🐫 You can totally do that! And there’s this sweet spot by the Nile where you can splash around and cool off. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not camel-trek from the swimming area back to the village instead of boating back?

Got a private boat? Sweet! You can chit-chat with your driver to make some extra pit-stops, like maybe the botanic garden. But hey, if you’re short on time, the Nubian Village is a total must-see. It’s bursting with colors, awesome buildings, and a vibe that’s just…well, unforgettable.

How Long Should I Spend At The Village?

So, just a heads up: the typical boat tour to the spot lasts about 2-3 hours. But guess what? If you’re having a blast and wanna stay longer, just chat with your boat driver. Maybe you can work something out! My two cents? Aim for around 3 hours, especially if you’re in the mood for a yummy lunch.

Is It A Good Idea To Sleep In The Village?

So, here’s a little travel secret: While lots of folks usually pop by the village for a day trip, spending the night there? That’s a game-changer! The local hotels might look simple at first glance, but boy, they’ve got this warm and buzzing energy that’s just so inviting.

Now, if you’re looking for a cool place to bunk, let me tell you about the Nub Inn. People who’ve stayed there can’t stop raving about it! The rooms? Fancy-schmancy and super comfy. And if you’re feeling a bit splashy, some of the top-tier rooms have these amazing views of the Nile. Oh, and the best part? It’s got this chill vibe that’s kind of rare to find, especially when Aswan’s hopping with activity.

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Is It Worth Visiting the Nubian Village in Aswan?

Undoubtedly, yeah! The Nubian Village is more than just a tourist destination; it is a friendly neighborhood ready to share its culture. Don’t be surprised if you are welcomed into the home of a local family for a traditional tea and even receive a full tour of their lovely home. In practically every house in the village, there is a courtyard design that creates a gathering place for families to eat together. It was heartwarming to witness how approachable and eager the Nubian people were to share their way of life with us.

nubian village

How To Do A Day Tour To A Nubian Village?

Ready for a super cool tour? Most tour options include hopping on a boat and in just 45 minutes from Aswan, landing in a amazing Nubian village. This isn’t just any tour, it’s like a golden ticket to dive right into their awesome community!

Once you’re there, you’ve got a few hours to play explorer on this tour. Check out their super unique lifestyle and, oh man, don’t even get me started on the food!

Prices for this tour start at $35 USD.

Bottom Line

So, wrapping things up, that Nubian Village in Aswan? It’s like the secret bonus level for anyone exploring Egypt. Forget just the pyramids and the Sphinx; this village is where you get to see the real colors and life of Egypt.

The buildings? Pop-out-of-a-storybook colorful. The people? Super welcoming! And the best part? The Nubians have been around even before those big-shot Pharaohs. Crazy, right? 🏞️🎨

Now, you could totally crash at one of their cozy hotels for a night, or just swing by for an afternoon. Grab a bite of some yummy Nubian dishes while you’re at it! 🍛 No matter what you choose, one thing’s for sure: you’re gonna head home with a backpack full of awesome memories and stories about this hidden gem in Egypt! 🎒🌟🚀

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