Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt As A Woman Alone?

Thinking of jet-setting to Egypt all by yourself? That’s some brave and adventurous spirit you got there! Egypt is an absolute treasure trove with all its historical wonders and vibrant culture. But I bet you’re also wondering, “Is it cool for me to roam around Egypt solo?”

Your safety, especially when you’re out exploring new terrains, is the real deal. Even though Egypt is on many travelers’ bucket lists because of its mind-blowing pyramids and stories, it’s always a smart move to stay clued up about how safe it is, especially for solo female travelers. Dive in with me, and let’s chat about it a bit more!

Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt As A Woman Alone?

Hey there, let’s talk a bit about what it’s been like for women traveling to Egypt over the years. Egypt is like a big, open-air museum with its jaw-dropping pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx. But when you’re soaking in all that ancient history, you also have to remember you’re stepping into a culture that’s got its own set of rules and vibes.

So here’s the deal: Islam is a major part of life in Egypt, and it shapes a lot of the customs there. That means when you’re out and about, especially in formal places, it’s a good idea to rock outfits that cover your shoulders and knees. It’s all about showing respect and blending in with the local culture.

But I’ve gotta be real with you: some ladies who’ve been to Egypt say they’ve gotten the kind of attention they didn’t sign up for, including catcalling and even harassment. Yikes, right? So, while Egypt is this incredible mix of the past and present that you’ll totally wanna experience, it’s super important to be in-the-know about what you might face as a woman.

Don’t let this scare you away, though! Egypt is still an incredible place that’s definitely worth your time. Just make sure you’re clued in on the local ways and what to watch out for. If you’re prepared and aware, you can have an epic time exploring all Egypt has to offer!

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Safety Concerns

Planning a solo trip to Egypt? That’s awesome, but let’s get real for a sec about staying safe, okay? Egypt’s got all these cool pyramids and stuff, but it’s also got some safety issues you need to know about.

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: harassment. It’s not just a thing that tourists face; local women deal with it too. So, what can you do? Dressing on the conservative side can be a game-changer. Think long skirts and covered shoulders. And try to avoid wandering around by yourself super late at night.

Now, you’re probably gonna hit up some touristy spots, right? Well, that’s where you gotta watch out for pickpockets and other sneaky types. Oh, and some people might try to scam you by pretending to be tour guides or offering you a “special” taxi ride. Don’t fall for it!

So, before you head out to take those epic pyramid selfies, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your stuff and being super careful about who you trust. Stay smart, and you’ll have an awesome trip!

Scams and Hassles

Now, don’t get me wrong, a lot of people in Egypt are super friendly and chill, but there are some folks looking to make a quick buck off tourists. Especially around hot spots like the Pyramids!

Okay, so imagine you’re at the Pyramids, right? Someone might try to get you on a camel without telling you how much it’ll cost. Then, when you’re done riding, they’ll hit you with a crazy bill. It’s like going to a restaurant, eating, and then finding out your burger was $100. Yikes!

Or let’s say someone hands you a “gift.” Sounds nice, huh? But the second you try to walk away, they’re all like, “Hey, you owe me money for that!”

Here’s the pro tip: Always, always agree on a price before you accept anything. Whether it’s a camel ride, a “gift,” or anything else, know what you’re getting into. Otherwise, it’s like diving into a pool without checking if there’s water, ya know?

And hey, traveling alone as a girl can sometimes make you a target for this kind of stuff. So you gotta be on your A-game. Stand your ground and don’t let anyone push you into stuff you’re not comfy with. You got this, girl!

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Tips for Women Travelers

First off, let’s talk about what you’re gonna wear. Egypt’s a bit on the traditional side, so rocking modest clothes is the way to go. Covering up your shoulders and knees isn’t just respectful; it also helps you avoid unwanted attention. So, maybe leave the tank tops and short shorts at home, alright?

Okay, where you’re gonna crash for the night is super important. Especially if you’re hitting up less touristy spots, you’ll want to be extra picky about your digs. Some places even have women-only floors or hostels. That’s like a VIP room just for us gals—pretty cool for extra peace of mind!

Transportation is next on the list. If you’re hopping into a taxi or getting an Uber, just be careful. Actually, scratch that—always be careful, no matter how you’re getting around. Pro tip: official taxis or ride-sharing apps are your best friends here. And if you’re heading out alone, give someone you trust the 411 on where you’re going and when you’ll get there. Better safe than sorry!

Now, I get it, solo trips are amazing! But sometimes, having a few travel buddies or joining a group tour can make things even better. You’ll have an instant crew to hang with, plus it can be safer too.

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How To Move Around Egypt?

I’ve been in Egypt traveling alone, and I’ve got some pro tips to make your journey smoother. Alright, first off, the metro! It’s cheap, it’s fast, but it’s got its quirks. You know those special carriages just for us ladies? Yeah, they’re not at every station. But when they are, you’ll usually find them in the first, second, fourth, and fifth cars. Look for the signs; they’re there to give you that extra peace of mind.

But hey, maybe the metro isn’t for you, or it just doesn’t go where you wanna go. No problem! You can whip out your phone and snag a ride with Careem or Uber. They work in Cairo and even some other cities like Alexandria. The best part? They’re often cheaper than taxis and you can see exactly who’s picking you up. It’s like having a digital bodyguard, right?

Speaking of taxis, they’re around too. If you decide to hail one, just make sure you settle on a price before hopping in. Trust me on this; you’ll thank me later.

Oh, and walking? Totally doable. I walked around plenty when I was there. Just remember to dress on the conservative side, and always be aware of what’s happening around you. Cairo’s streets have their own kind of rhythm, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel like you’ve been there forever.

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How To Avoid Sexual Harrasment?

Egypt is amazing, but let’s have some real talk about safety, especially when it comes to unwanted attention. Ever been catcalled? Yeah, it happens in Egypt too. The best way to deal with it? Just keep on walking, like you’ve got better places to be—because you do! Most times, those guys will shut up once you’re out of sight.

Now, if someone’s giving you the creeps and you’re feeling nervous, don’t hesitate to duck into a nearby shop or let out a firm “No!” You know, make some noise and let them know you’re not an easy target.

And what if something serious happens, like theft or worse? Don’t worry, there’s a special police force just for tourists. They’re called the tourist police, and they’re usually better at speaking English than the regular cops. If something goes down, call them up at 126, okay? They’re trained to handle situations like this and help keep tourists safe.

Also, remember that many main tourist attractions, such as the Pyramids, have police stationed on-site for added security.
If you’re staying in a hotel or have hired a private driver, don’t hesitate to seek their help. Most Egyptians are friendly and welcoming and will gladly help you in any way they can.

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Bottom Line

Egypt is totally doable for solo female travelers, but you’ve gotta play it smart. Dress so you blend in—think modest and comfy. Also, choose where you’re staying like you’d pick your Netflix series—wisely and with good reviews. If you can find a women-only place, even better!

Getting around? Stick to the well-known stuff. Use Uber or another app you trust for rides, and if you’re on the metro, look out for those women-only carriages. You know, safety first but also, girl power!

Watch out for those sneaky scams, especially around big tourist spots like the Pyramids. Agree on prices beforehand so you’re not caught off guard. And if you ever feel uneasy, just remember you’ve got back-up with the tourist police.

So yeah, with a little prep and some common sense, you can totally rock Egypt on your own. It’s all about the balance—stay alert but also have fun exploring all the cool history and culture.

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